Almanak, Jurassic Blues and Funky Rock.

Almanak is an instrumental fusion. An alchemy of powerful rock, electrifying funk and exultant blues. Keen guitar, mistreated drums, hammered organ, beaten bass and howling’ harp. A detonating experience that entrust the air with a mesmerizing energy.

The Story of Almanak.

Originally founded in 2006 on a land we still call « The Little Siberia », in eastern France, Almanak is first of all the story of three childhood friends. From their common passion for the rock of the seventies, they cooked an original and flavored recipe with peppered tones drawn from the heritage of the African-American music of this era.

Over the meetings, the band has grown and has greeted horns, brasses, percussions, and vocals. Then from stages to stages, Almanak has forged its own musical identity for the first album release of the band, “Red Tree” in 2011.

Almanak is like a great book in which everyone writes its bit of story by bringing its own ideas, emotions and passion. A recipe created commonly in the service of music from tasteful flavors: a big bowl of juicy rock sprinkled with hopping funk and a pinch of blues that smell good the Bayou. Mix it all together and you will get the perfect cure for numb legs.


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